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Silverstripe CMS is a modern open-source platform for agencies, developers and businesses that are looking for a modern, flexible and professional open-source platform. And yes - it does multi-language, e-commerce, headless and beyond.

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  • Silverstripe CMS for agencies

    Silverstripe CMS used by many digital agencies around Europe as their primary go-to CMS for their clients. It is a highly mature and solid platform for long term maintenance, flexibility,…

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  • Application Development

    Silverstripe CMS is an ideal platform for rapid application development. With the model-based ORM system you can define your database structure and generate admin interfaces very quickly. You can provide…

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  • Larger Websites & Applications

    Silverstripe CMS has a very flexible framework which makes it easy fit into other frameworks and platforms. It's excels when building larger architectures and websites, where it can be a…

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    The question of why we, as an advertising agency, work with Silverstripe CMS is quickly answered: Silverstripe not only makes us and our developers happy but our customers as well

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    How to create a simple Silverstripe Module

    This tutorial presents a way of creating a module so that you can share it with others and therefore want to use Composer locally for testing it out. If you…

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    Relations in Silverstripe's ORM

    An in depth tutorial how to handle relations of the model in Silverstripe CMS.

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    Cookie Consent with Silverstripe CMS

    How to deal with Cookies and GDPR for your Silverstripe CMS Site? There are various methods and things to consider, so let´s have a closer look.

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