Silverstripe for larger websites and applications

Silverstripe CMS has a very flexible framework which makes it easy fit into other frameworks and platforms. It's excels when building larger architectures and websites, where it can be a part of a larger whole or as the main platform.


Modern & extensible CMS

A powerful, user-friendly and flexible CMS is needed when working with large scale websites and systems. Silverstripe CMS provides a lot of functionality out of the box, with a lot more possibilities thanks to its many modules such as workflows, page-blocks etc. Silverstripe CMS is built to be a CMS for all sizes of organisations, but shines for larger ones. There are several governments around the world that now use Silverstripe CMS as their main CMS-platform.


Scaling & Performance

Silverstripe CMS has built-in caching mechanisms which makes performance and scaling easy and versatile. Silverstripe CMS can also be consumed by GraphQL which enables great flexibility when working with frontend apps and other systems.


Powerful Framework

The "CMS"-part is built on top of a modern and flexible MVC framework architecture, which allows for rapid application development and flexibility for when a CMS isn't needed. Many solutions won't require a full fledged CMS, and some projects might not need one until at a later stage. Silverstripe CMS gives you options.


Backed by Silverstripe Ltd

Silverstripe CMS is created and maintained by Silverstripe Ltd, under the license "BSD license", which one of the most flexible and liberal licenses available. Silverstripe Ltd gives options for large clients when enterprise-like hosting is required thru its Silverstripe Cloud service. It also has good track record in giving support and help for onboarding large key clients.



As modern CMS Silverstripe CMS gives options to manage multiple sites from one installation and administration panel. The multiple sites provide completely separate site-trees and structure which can be customized further.



The digital landscape today requires good internationalization and localisation support. Silverstripe CMS supports multiple locales and languages thru the official Fluent module. It provides many translation options for pages, relations and data.