Why Silverstripe CMS?

Silverstripe CMS offers one of the most effortless CMS experiences accessible. It gives an out-of-the-box web-based toolset that empowers content authors to modify parts of the website, including using content blocks.

Besides being an excellent CMS, Silverstripe also offers a great framework with powerful MVC design which allows for many custom extensions to the core.


Easy to use

A modern and user-friendly content authoring experience. The ease-of-use has always been it’s strength.


Create anything

Create solutions & backends with limitless possibilities. From simple sites to unique systems for e-commerce, banking services or startups.


Secure by design

Security is a key part of Silverstripe CMS which features security audits, security updates and strict separation between code and content.


Loved by developers

Developers tend to love the streamlined Silverstripe framework. Adding features is easy and extending the system is what it was made for.


Free & open source

Thanks to its generous open-source BSD-license it’s completely free, which has allowed for a fantastic developer-community.


Trusted by small & large

Organisations around the world have used Silverstripe CMS for many different projects ranging from simpler multilingual sites to larger government platforms.

How Silverstripe CMS is used by others?

Loved by agencies

Silverstripe CMS is used by many digital agencies around Europe as their primary go-to CMS. It is loved for its versatile and highly robust architecture, and is highly suitable for long term maintenance, demanding security, and high-performance SEO. 

As a piece of a larger puzzle

Silverstripe CMS can easily function as a headless system that plays nice with other services and platforms. It shines when building larger architectures and websites - where it can be a part of a larger whole or as the main service.

For unique solutions

Silverstripe helps you to stand apart from the competition, reflect your product or company in the best possible manner and meet the expectations of the target audience. On top of that, Silverstripe offers practically limitless design possibilities with the option to expand the website with
different modules.

Content with internationalisation needs

Let your content authors and website visitors use the language of their choice. One of the reasons Silverstripe CMS has gained popularity around the world - and especially in Europe - is thanks to the many ways to manage different types of internationalisation setups for different languages and locales. 


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