Silverstripe CMS for international websites

One of the main reasons Silverstripe CMS has gained it's popularity around the world - and especially in Europe - is thanks to the flexibility to realise many different types of internationalisation setups with excellent SEO tools.

Do you need multi language on one domain with options to use completely different taxonomies per language/locale? Or do you need a setup that requires multiple sites per locale with different domains mapping to different sites? Silverstripe CMS has got you covered for almost any use case!



The digital landscape today requires good internationalization and localisation support. Silverstripe CMS supports multiple locales and languages thru the official Fluent module. It provides many translation options for pages, relations and data. 



As modern CMS Silverstripe CMS gives options to manage multiple sites from one installation and administration panel. The multiple sites provide completely separate site-trees and structure which can be customized further.


SEO friendly

SEO is a crucial part of a good & modern CMS. Silverstripe CMS is well known for good internal SEO practises and has won several SEO-awards during it's history. Today there are many modules for enhancing SEO even further; such as modules for managing SEO content, better 404-pages and many others.



Silverstripe CMS is built for delivering unique requirements and needs. Build everything from web apps, large headless CMS architectures, e-commerce and beyond. Silverstripe CMS gives you all the options you need for your clients.