CMS with a framework

Silverstripe CMS is a very user friendly CMS with all capabilities built in that you need to build your content. It's also a full-featured MVC-Framework. Building new Content Types, new Forms or new Views is at the core of it and while other CMS force you to think in their content structure, you can just build your own.


dev/build is the Key

Silverstripe CMS includes a powerful ORM (object-relational mapping) System. It is model-centric, so instead of writing SQL or migrations, you define your datamodel and then run a single command: dev/build. The Silverstripe framework then builds and updates the database schema for you, including all types of relationships. The models are then available with easy-to-use methods for filtering content and accessing relations.

Example model:

use SilverStripe\ORM\DataObject
class Solution extends DataObject {
private static $db = [
"Title" => "Varchar(255)",
"Content" => "HTMLText",
"Active" => "Boolean",
private static $has_one = [
"Region" => Region::class,

Example ORM-calls:

// Get all solutions
$solutions = Solution::get();

// Get the newest active solution
$solution = Solution::get()->Filter(["Active" => 1])->Sort("Created ASC")->First();

// Get the region of the solution
$region = $solution->Region();

Generated user interface

The framework also has strong scaffolding capabilities. That means: After the definition the model, you can generate editing forms and even a complete CRUD-Interface.

class SolutionsAdmin extends ModelAdmin
private static $managed_models = [

private static $url_segment = 'solutions';

private static $menu_title = 'Solutions';


You can of course customize the complete generated interface to your liking or build a completely different interface with custom controllers, forms and templates.

Batteries included

Silverstripe CMS comes with batteries included. It has:


a powerful and easy-to-use template language


image manipulation tools


included i18n-tools


a strong security system


caching tools

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