Silverstripe CMS agency perspective: Andreas Spannbauer

In this article, we ask Andreas Spannbauer from pixelpoems in Vienna how and why they work with Silverstripe CMS.

Please tell us something about you

I founded pixelpoems in 1998, most of the time i do consulting, design and frontend development.
We work with Silverstripe since 2010 (Version 2.x), before that we worked with various other CMS platforms.

Why do you use Silverstripe as a framework/cms for your projects?

Most of our clients have specific requirements for their website or e-commerce solution: e.g. design and UI, content structure and workflows or interfaces to other systems. With Silverstripe CMS, we have a solid foundation to build bespoke solutions that scale, are extendable and are easy to use for our customers. And our developers enjoy the quality of the code (both cms and modules), the flexibility and the helpful community.

Where do you think does Silverstripe really stands out compared to other systems?

The user-interface for editors is really good and the powerful abilities to create content models. Also security and SEO capabilities are very well implemented.

And when it comes to complex solutions, Silverstripe CMS just works and scales better than others.

What are your favorite modules?

In almost every projects we use:

and quite often, we like to use:

Please tell us something about your development setup

We work on Mac devices with phpstorm, for virtualization we currently use Valet.

How do you typically deploy your Silverstripe projects?

We use the buddy platform for deployment.

About the Agency


pixelpoems has 20 years of experience with effective digital solutions. Located in Vienna, they combine technology and design to help businesses unleash their digital potential. From sophisticated website development and powerful online shops, they offer concept, design, development and support of websolutions.